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Ragnarok Begins Cinematic Teaser 2022.

A cinematic teaser trailer for 'Ragnarok Begins' was born from a collaboration between Story Farm and Cosmic Ray.

We decided to introduce an adventurer who discovers a forgotten story as a continuation to the story of the game 'Ragnarok ' to newly present a story of 100 years ago called 'Begins.'

A stone statue that the adventurer encounters in an old temple is the first boss character in the game 
and is well-suited to show a new 'beginning' of the story 100 years ago.

The production efficiency of the video released at the G-STAR 2021 was enhanced through the Unreal Engine.

Through the project, Cosmic Ray could obtain a very positive impression on the real-time 3D engine performance and its potential ahead.

Through various collaborations, Cosmic Ray expects to continuously expand the story we can show in the future.


Teaser Movie

Still Image

Credit /

Creative director_ Lee Seongman, Lim Taehyun, Story Farm
Project Leading_ Lim Taehyun
Artwork & Design_ Gravity, Cosmic Ray, Story Farm
3D Artist_ Story Farm, Cosmic Ray