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Maplestory Pinkbeanworld Episode & TVC

First, it was necessary to expand the worldview tailored to the game, and to express this efficiently, 3D stereogram had to come first. We set the bar for 3D characters two or three times with Nexon, and four episodes were produced under the title, Pink Bean World. We had a mission to make Maple Story's main character 'Pink Bean' favored with its cute image, and we set up and directed four optimized stories based on action descriptions. The first story, the 'Claw Crain,' was on-air on TVC in February 2021.

Creative Director / 
Taehyun Lim, Seongman Lee

2D & Composition / 
Seongman Lee, Sangeun Song

3D & Environment /
Seongman Lee, Nohkwang Park, Woohyun KIm

Motiongraphic / 
Seongman Lee, Nohkwang Park, Woohyun KIm,  Sangeun Song


Still Image

Artwork B Cut

3D Charcter Concept