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Naver Online Conference ' Team Naver ' Movie Package 2022

N engines, working as one.

In line with the opening of TEAM NAVER's story page that presents a new beginning of NAVER, Cosmic Ray has created a video intro of the story with NAVER's branding team.

We have newly constructed 3D objects using NAVER service icons that reflect the colors and materials used on the NAVER's new building, 1784.
It visually reflected our customer's story, who is ready for new challenges and changes with the new building.


Opening Movie

Still Image

Section Movie 1.

Section Movie 2.

Credit /

Creative director_ NAVER Corp. Branding Team, Lim Taehyun
Project Leading_ Lee deokhyung
Artwork & Design_ NAVER Corp. Branding Team, Lee deokhyung, Kim jiyeon
3D Artist_ Lee deokhyung, Kim Donggeon, Kim jiyeon, Kwon doha, Lee sungku
Sound Design_ 2 hands sound