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KOCIS Vietnam Immersive Media Art 2023.

The outdoor media art for the Vietnamese Cultural Center Abroad was produced by Cosmic Ray. The Korean Cultural Center, located in Hanoi, recently established outdoor media to further promote Korean culture, and various contents are currently being aired. Cosmic Ray participated in this media art, creating content around the theme of 'play', recognizing that the play cultures of Vietnam and Korea are similar and resonate with people from both countries. 

The content was produced in a 3D animation format to highlight the concept, and anamorphic techniques were used to make it appear three-dimensional when viewed from specific spots.

The planning and overall management were handled by EASYWITH.


Still Image

The project involved creating cute 3D characters that are approachable to children from both countries, set against the backdrop of familiar spaces where kids from Korea and Vietnam might play. Cosmic Ray focused on the ambiance of the installation spot, tuning the density to blend well within Hanoi's environment, characterized by intense sunlight, blue skies, and deep shadows, ensuring these elements continued within the screen. The anamorphic content was designed to maximize the three-dimensionality of play objects like tops and kites, appearing as if they could jump out of the screen. Special attention was given to creating scenes that could momentarily capture the attention of passersby.

3D Geometry Projection

Anamorphic techniques utilizing optical illusions were employed. Although the resolution of the media was not very high, the spot was strategically placed close to the road behind it to maximize the three-dimensional appearance and size of the display. This location was chosen and tested to ensure the most impactful and large-scale visual effect.

Concept Art

While maintaining the vanishing point was crucial for enhancing the three-dimensionality, Cosmic Ray also focused on capturing the unique backdrop of Vietnam. They utilized deep shadows on the edges of the frame to convey the intensity of Vietnam's sunlight, ensuring continuity within the video. The use of vibrant colors was emphasized to further highlight the three-dimensional effect, enhancing the overall visual impact of the media art.


The project portrayed children from both countries in 3D characters, capturing their similarities and differences. The costumes were designed with reference to traditional Korean and Vietnamese attire. Special attention was given to vividly express the diverse expressions of children enjoying themselves in play.


Production / Cosmic Ray
Creative Director / Lim Taehyun, Lee Seongman

Project Lead / Kim Jaeseong
Storyboard / Shin Bogyeong , Lee Jihoon
Projection Setup / Kim Jaeseong
Artwork & Motion / Kim Jaeseong, Shin Bogyeong , Lee Jihoon
Character Modeling & Rigging /  Kwon Ki Hyeon
Character Animation /  Kim Jaeseong, Shin Bogyeong , Lee Jihoon