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The Adventure of Black Rabbit 2023.

‘Meet Public Media Art for everyone including children in our neighborhood in 2023.’

During the warm spring season, families can enjoy outings in Gwanghwamun, catch a glimpse of the view outside their window on their way home after a busy day, or stop by a bus stop on the way to somewhere.

With the hope that people and children will experience unexpected fun in the everyday scenery that can be seen based on Gwanghwamun Square in 2023, we have created a 3D animation media art called 'The Adventures of the Black Rabbit'.

Through this 3D animation, people can see cute characters and animations, even for a short time. We have prepared meaningful content for the 'Year of the Black Rabbit', and differentiated the characters and animations from existing media art so that not only seniors but children can easily access public art.

Produced using anamorphic technology, this project provides a three-dimensional experience when watched in a specific location. EASYWITH supervised and planned the project, while COSMIC-RAY produced the video.



Style Frame

Character Design

Our goal was to make characters that people of all ages could relate to and enjoy.
We researched the anatomy, behavior, and appearance of real rabbits in order to create 3D models with convincing fur.
We also gave our characters more details by having them wear costumes that reflected the tone of the scenes in which they appeared.


We used anamorphic technology to make the production feel more three-dimensional and immersive.
Our company, Cosmic Ray, has years of experience in this technology and we are constantly researching ways to offer our viewers
a fresh and innovative experience.

3D Asset & VFX

Throughout the story, we designed and produced various elements such as the rabbit car and transition scenes using 3D assets and VFX.
The details of the character's worldview were enhanced with dense and detailed designs, such as cool cars and spaceships
that match the background and personality of the main rabbit character, and Wormhole vfx,
which played an important role in scene transitions.


Client / Korea Creative Content Agency
Total Product Manager / Easywith
Executive Director / Lee Seongman
Creative Director / Lee Seongman, Kim Jaeseong
Storyboard / Jung Hyelyn
Character Design / Kim Jaeseong, Shin Bogyeong, Jung Inhye
Character Modeling / Kim Jaeseong, Shin Bogyeong
Character Rigging / Shin Bogyeong
Character Animation / Kwon Jihye, Kim Chanwoo
Artwork & Motion / Lee Deokhyung, Kim Donggeon, You hyeongseon, Kwon doha
Background Design / Lee Deokhyung, Kim Donggeon, You hyeongseon, Kwon doha
VFX & Edit / Kim Jaeseong