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GLUWA Tokyo Shinjuku Anamolphic Media art 2022.

This is Gluwa's second media art created by Cosmic Ray.

Through the collaboration with Optical Lab, this video has been unveiled through the huge billboard in Shinjuku. 

Gluwa hoped to actively promote ‘Makena’, a character of the previous project in this video.

To do so, we have created a story called <Makena, welcoming a New Spring> to show the vision of our customer who desires to solve the difficulties of the financially underprivileged with IT technology.

It is a continuation of the media art of Times Square in New York, designed to break down existing financial barriers.

It focuses on vividly displaying the appearance of Makena, who welcomes the vibrant energy of spring after dark and cold reality.


Still Image

Credit /

Creative director_ Lim Taehyun, optical Lab
Project Leading_ Kim Jaesung
Artwork & Design_ Kim jaesung, Lee deokhyung, Kim Donggeon, You hyeongseon
VFX_ Kim jaesung, You hyeongseon
3D Artist_ Kim jaesung, Lee deokhyung, Kim Donggeon, You hyeongseon
Composit & Edit_ Kim jaesung, Lee deokhyung
Sound Design_ Opticla Lab